07/08/2017 3:52 PM AEST | Updated 07/08/2017 3:53 PM AEST

Here's The Reason Behind Tarzan's Vote On 'Australian Survivor'

"Win it girl!"

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On Sunday's episode of 'Australian Survivor' fan favourite Mark Herlaar, or Tarzan as he's better known, was voted off the island in a shock elimination that confused many.

Tarzan gave his fellow castaway Tessa O'Halloran a hidden immunity idol he found, protecting her from the vote. Tarzan and Tessa also attempted to blindside the team's leader Locky Gilbert by turning wildcard AK Knight against him. Unfortunately AK voted for Tessa and, in a strange turn of events so did Tarzan.

Even the show's host Jonathan LaPaglia seemed a bit confused by the way the Tribal Council went down.

Confusing as it may have seemed, Tarzan cleared the air for fans that were still scratching their heads the day after.

According to Tarzan, his vote was actually a "vote of confidence", claiming that he knew he was a goner, Tarzan decided to use his vote to send a message of support for his underdog mate.

"The reality of all that is that I voted for Tessa as a vote of confidence," Tarzan explained, "if you'll read the bottom of my vote it says 'win it girl', and I clearly knew I was going home that night... it was unmistakable."

Earlier in the episode Tarzan faced a moral dilemma, bring firewood back to his tribe or enjoy a hidden stash of cookies for himself. Always the kindhearted hero, Tarzan returned to camp with a bundle of firewood in his arms.

A true gentleman to the end.