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11 Things To Consider Before You Start Dating A Friend

Things gonna get weird.

Deciding to take a friendship to a new level (one that involves getting naked with each other) can be daunting, even at the best of times.

And if it works, you get a BFF and a partner for the price of one. Bingo.

But before you risk wrecking your platonic relationship, here are 11 things you should consider about dating a friend.

1. What happens if you break up?

2. How sure are you that you want to see them naked?

3. How likely are you to regret this after sleeping with them?

4. Is the enthusiasm for this matched on both sides?

5. Does it bother you they know all about your past relationships?

6. And about that time you got drunk.

7. Will you be able to resist bringing up stuff you were told in confidence as a friend?

8. Well at least they’ve meet your parents already?

9. And you’ve bypassed the awkward small talk stage?

10. What will all your other friends make of this?

11. Is this really a good idea?

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