08/08/2017 4:20 PM AEST | Updated 08/08/2017 4:21 PM AEST

Intrepid Travel Want To Pay For Your Ticket To Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Sequel'

Keep the (climate) change.

Is there anything better than sitting in the cinema and shoveling handfuls of old popcorn into your mouth? What about FREE movie tickets?

Well, Intrepid Travel are attempting to lure Aussies into the cinemas with the offer of a refund on your ticket to 'An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power', the follow-up to Al Gore's groundbreaking 'An Inconvenient Truth'.

Intrepid specialises in adventure based tourism, and claims that when the original 'Inconvenient Truth' first came out in cinemas, it pushed the organisation into making changes toward reducing their carbon footprint, as well as launching their first ticket refund initiative.

Since the release of the first film, Intrepid has become one of the largest carbon neutral organisations, with co-founder Darrell Wade undergoing training run by Gore. The company set out attempting to offset the massive impact the tourism industry has on the environment. In a post on their website from April of this year, Intrepid claimed they had offset over 40,000 tonnes of carbon in 2016 alone.

In late 2010 we achieved this goal through our Carbon Management Plan and all our offices around the globe officially became carbon neutral. The main sources of carbon emission from our trips (transport, accommodation and waste) are also assessed and offset into renewable energy projects. Since then, we've offset over 250,000 tonnes of carbon emissions from our trips and offices worldwide, including over 40,000 tonnes of carbon in 2016.

James Thomas / Supplied
Al Gore speaks to Intrepid co-founder Darrell Wade.

Wade, said 'An Inconvenient Sequel' is "particularly important" for Australians to see, We are the lucky country. A nation of travellers, yet it appears many Australians have their 'heads in the sand' when it comes to climate change".

"As a travel company we see the environmental impacts first hand, at home on the Great Barrier Reef and in places like Antarctica. We want to preserve these amazing places for future generations and that's why we think it's so important that Aussies see this documentary."

The film was released in cinemas in the US to lukewarm reviews and an average opening weekend ranking 15th at the box office. 'Inconvenient Sequel' was initially released in limited cinemas on July 28, and expanded to a wide release last weekend. Intrepid hope their initiative will coax Aussies into cinemas, essentially offering free tickets.

'An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power' opens in cinemas across Australia August 10. For more information about Intrepid's refund offer, see their official site.