09/08/2017 8:43 PM AEST | Updated 09/08/2017 8:43 PM AEST

'The Bachelor' Was Just Rocked By A Big, Revealing Breakdown

"Do I give a s**t? No."

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It finally happened, we got a peek behind the velvet curtain and the thousands of tealight candles as one of the bachelorettes began to show signs of Bachie fatigue on Wednesday's episode of 'The Bachelor'.

Sian Kelly, sick of playing second fiddle to some of Bachelor Matty's favourites, absolutely cracked it during the cocktail party. Georgia Love lookalike and front-runner for the Bachelor's heart Laura returned to the cocktail party after a brief chat with Matty with a rose in tow.

Sian, sick of not having any face-time with Matty during her run on the show, began to break down. "If we don't get the opportunity, what was the point in being here?" she asked the other bachelorettes during the cocktail party.

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Sian began to feel like way the cocktail party was unfolding wasn't very apeeling. Get it? She's chewing lemon peel you guys.

As the night began to wind to a close, Sian was seen in tears, trying to avoid the many cameras dotted around the property. She finally walked off set, taking refuge in a bathroom telling producers she was ready to walk off the show.

"I don't like him Jasmine," Sian could be heard saying to a producer. "I'm better than him, I'm better than this... I don't like him!" She said as a camera crew attempted to capture the moment, before she swiftly closed the door in their faces.

Another producer approached Sian and gave her the opportunity to speak to Matty directly, giving her something "real".

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This hug looks about as romantic as getting a parking ticket.

As Sian approached Matty she attempted to explain her desire to walk off the show. "I don't like this process... it's just awful. Surely you know what I mean? Just like... everything. Cameras in your face. I just have a bad intuition at this current moment in time, I'd just prefer to... exit."

At this point, it was the first time the cracks began to show in one of Australia's slickest productions. It was a look behind the veneer as an awkward Matty stood woodenly in front of a young woman, clearly struggling.

"I completely understand," Matty told her, "there's nothing that can prepare you for this, I know how hard it can be. At the end of the day the choice is yours and you've got to make this call."

Matty would be entirely familiar with the process, as the runner-up in last year's season of 'The Bachelorette', yet he seemed less than sympathetic for Sian as he stood in the driveway of the Bach-pad, delivering platitudes and letting Sian talk herself into leaving, staying, leaving and staying again.

At the end of the driveway confrontation, Sian ultimately decided to stay, putting her fate in the hands of the rose ceremony, but her meltdown planted seeds of doubt in Matty's head. Which lead to a cliffhanger of a rose ceremony, ending with Matty placing a rose back down before a fade to black.

This is potentially the first time the show has split a rose ceremony over more than one episode, so we're expecting Thursday to be full of...