'The Salvos' Are Having A Designer Furniture Auction On eBay

Six of Australia's most well known furniture designers and interior stylists are involved.
This creation by Norsu Interiors is up for grabs.
This creation by Norsu Interiors is up for grabs.

Salvos Stores are once again supporting the Re-Love Project this year and you can buy the pieces in the upcoming charity auction which goes live next Monday the 14th of August.

The project sees six of Australia's most well known furniture designers and interior stylists up-cycle different items of furniture in the hope to raise money. You will be able to bid on the Salvos Stores eBay page.

If you're not the winning bidder, don't stress -- each creative has given advice on how they did it, step-by-step, so you can create your own.

  • Original piece was sanded with an 80 grit electric sander and then a final sand with grit 120 sand paper;
  • The original timber knobs on the draw were removed;
  • The Feast Watson Prooftint Black Japan stain was painted on with a brush and then rubbed in with a rag;
  • A second coat of Feast Watson Prooftint Black Japan was applied;
  • This was left to dry for three days;
  • The final application of clear varnish was painted on with a paint brush and given two coats;
  • When this was completely dry, the new brass knobs were screwed in;
  • The original frame was an oiled teak, so we lightly sanded the surface to allow the stain and paint to penetrate the timber;
  • The original seat and back rest were black screen printed canvas, but we wanted to produce a more luxurious version of the director's chair, so we used a leather backing on the EVA material;
  • The EVA material isn't particularly strong, but with an additional leather backing becomes incredibly robust and durable;
  • After finishing the seat, back rest and timber frame, we replaced all of the fasteners with new brass pieces.
  • I sanded the piece to prepare the timber for the stain. For this I used 'Sandi Hands', sandpaper glove hands that make easy work of this kind of task;
  • I then washed the chest using sugar soap;
  • Once dry, I began to apply the Feast Watson Stain & Varnish in Black Japan with a paintbrush. I applied three coats in total, leaving the product to dry in between coats;
  • I had perforated metal cut to size by a local metal worker;
  • I spray painted the metal sheets using brass spray paint;
  • Once dry, I glued these to the face of the doors.
  • Cut off toe-kick;
  • Thoroughly sand, clean, then paint the entire body of the dresser;
  • Paint new feet (I used raw steel hairpin legs) using Dulux Duramax Bright Finish Spray Paint in Gold then attach;
  • Cut new drawer fronts from 3mm plywood;
  • Draw design on new drawer fronts then recreate the pattern in a perforated style by following the lines with a drill and 6mm bit;
  • Sand drawer fronts then stain using Feast Watson Prooftint in Teak blended with Feast Watson Prooftint Colour Reducer. Apply stain generously with a brush, ensuring the inside of the drill holes are also coated, then wipe off using a rag. Repeat if a darker tone is desired;
  • Seal drawer fronts with three coats of Feast Watson Scandinavian Oil;
  • Attach drawer fronts to existing drawers using multi-purpose adhesive and fine finishing nails. Ensure the nail heads are counter-sunk;
  • Attach new handles -- I used small brass knobs;
  • We removed the top from the base and then knocked the base apart, cleaned up the joinery and glued it back together again;
  • Once dry, the base was sanded back;
  • The top was then attached to the base and screw cleated flat to close up any of the lineal gaps caused by timber expansion and use from its previous life;
  • The top was then sanded back and the whole piece finished with a coat of Feast Watson Tung Oil.
  • We started by giving all pieces a very thorough sand to remove their original finishes;
  • For the chairs, we applied two coats of Feast Watson Stain & Varnish Liming White, then added the custom-made leather and brass detail chair pads to complete their look;
  • For the table, we applied a base coat of Feast Watson Liming White before several coats of Feast Watson Liming White (oil based) mixed with 2 percent Feast Watson Prooftint in Walnut to give it the lovely sorbet colour;
  • Once all paint had been applied, we finished off the table with a strip of brass around the edge.