10/08/2017 12:54 PM AEST | Updated 10/08/2017 12:58 PM AEST

There's A Giant Inflatable Trump-Like Chicken Watching The White House

We'd recognise that fowl hairstyle anywhere.

A giant inflatable chicken bearing a striking resemblance to U.S. President Donald Trump has taken up residence in a park behind the White House.

Donny -- also known as the 'Tax March Chicken' -- was brought to The Ellipse by activist and filmmaker Taran Singh Brar, who told the Washington Examiner he was there "to criticise our president for being weak and ineffective as a leader".

He also added that Trump was "too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Putin and now engaged in a game of chicken with Kim Jong Un".

It's not the first time Donny has been used to protest the president either, in April he flew the coop and appeared as the unofficial mascot of the 'Tax March', when thousands of protesters gathered to pressure Trump to release his personal tax returns.

AFP/Getty Images
The president will get a nice surprise when he returns from his 17-day getaway to New Jersey.

"Everyone's had their march -- there's been a tax march, the women's march, the President wants a military parade so we're going to give it to him," Brar told Reuters.

"He's a chicken hawk and he's actually pretty insecure as he struts on the world stage. The idea is to pierce through the fire house of lies with an image. As they say, an image speaks a thousand words."

The President, who is currently on a working holiday at his golf club in New Jersey, is yet to tweet about the chicken.