09/08/2017 6:02 PM AEST | Updated 09/08/2017 6:02 PM AEST

This Fantastic Frenchman Has The Best Attitude To Winning

'Finally today I threw up in front of everyone!'

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What a bosse.

Frenchman Pierre-Ambroise Bosse won the 800m final at the IAAF Athletics World Championships in London overnight. But that was only the start of his winning. Afterwards, the 25-year-old won widespread admiration -- and plenty of hearts too -- with his hilarious post-event interviews.

If you didn't watch the above video, you missed a fantastic sequence where Bosse explained that the last 100 metres of the race was like a nightmare where someone's chasing you, but you know they're not going to catch you.

There was also some great stuff about how his real dream is beating his coach at chess. But the best bit came when he dismissed his achievement of becoming world champion by saying:

"It's only sport, I know that very well." He followed this statement with just the faintest hint of that very French expression "Pfft".

Dylan Martinez / Reuters

Below is another video of one of his post-race interviews. The highlights? They are numerous.

There was the bit where he explained how he always throws up after a race but no one cares -- but this time, he threw up in front of everyone and felt "great shame".

There's the fantastic part when he explained that his best mate in southern France got stood up by a girl on a date on the weekend, so instead he took a train 13 hours to London and that's why Bosse has blood on his face, because when he hugs his friends, he hugs them so hard he bleeds. Or something.

It only made about 50 percent sense but was definitely 100 percent "charmant".

John Sibley / Reuters
Oui! Oui! Oui!

But the best bit? Call it self-deprecation or call it a fantastic sense of perspective. Either way, it was beautiful to hear the new 800m world champion say "I'm not the best in the world, I just won a race at the right time".

And in other news, the French commentators went absolutely nuts. Not since the last French movie this reporter saw in an arthouse cinema have the words "Oui! Oui! Oui!" been yelled so ecstatically. Start watching after about 1:20 and you'll see what we mean.

Au revoir!