09/08/2017 2:33 AM AEST

Indulge Your Love For Destruction By Watching These Buildings Collapse

Before it builds its future, Zhengzhou, China, is blasting its past.

In a controlled demolition on Aug. 4, the city imploded rows of apartment buildings in a matter of seconds, according to Reuters.

The job required a reported 2.5 tons of dynamite to turn an urban village into what looks like a miniature movie set for a disaster movie. Only it’s real.

Xinhua News Agency’s YouTube channel New China TV wrote in the clip above that 36 buildings went down, with the government hoping to reconstruct the area.

Watch the skyline crumble above and check out some pics from the big bangs below. 

China Stringer Network / Reuters
China Stringer Network / Reuters

Authorities there also blasted buildings in June.

Like the Daily Mail quipped on Tuesday, there goes the neighborhood!


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