11/08/2017 12:43 PM AEST | Updated 11/08/2017 12:43 PM AEST

Channing Tatum Went Full 'Magic Mike' In A Convenience Store And It Was Perfect

Can we get a feature film starring Beatrice and Channing though.


Like a scene out of 'Magic Mike' only made 100 times better by his co-star, Channing Tatum went live on Facebook at a gas station in North Carolina and made an instant star out of his cashier.

Driving around the States promoting his upcoming movie 'Logan Lucky', Tatum stopped in at a Sunoco gas station and met the love of our lives Beatrice.

"We're actually driving across the country," Tatum told his new bestie. "Well why didn't y'all tell me, I could have gotten my clothes together and rolled with you," she replied.

The rapid-fire banter wasn't the best part of the interaction though, with Tatum blasting some tunes and whipping out some of his hottest moves, only to be upstaged by Beatrice at every turn.

Tatum's been travelling the country, charming the pants off everyone he runs into in the leadup to his latest flick, calling it the most fun he's had promoting a film.

'Logan Lucky' stars Tatum alongside Riley Keough and Adam Driver who plan to complete a robbery during the Cocoa-Cola 600 race in North Carolina. It also stars Daniel Craig, Sebastian Stan, Katie Holmes and Seth MacFarlane.

'Logan Lucky' is scheduled to arrive in cinemas August 17.