14/08/2017 11:21 AM AEST | Updated 14/08/2017 2:10 PM AEST

Anna Paquin Had The Best Response To The BBC Accidentally Showing Her Breasts

"What's there to look into? My tits photobombed the news."

Last week an eagle eyed BBC viewer spotted a bit of racy viewing on one of the screens behind a news broadcast.

The story began to pick up traction as it circulated on social media, until it reached 'True Blood' star Anna Paquin, who had a very appropriate response.

After Paquin noticed her cameo, her 'True Blood' co-stars began to pile onto the snafu. Evan Rachel Wood laughed along, while Paquin's co-star and now husband Stephen Moyer, who played Vampire Bill in the series, wanted to know more information.

"Which scene is it?" Moyer tweeted his wife, "they have annoyingly blurred it out".

They also tagged Robert Kazinsky, who played Warlow in the series, who missed being included in the sneaky news broadcast by mere seconds.

Paquin had the final word on the matter, now coining a new term for the very unique circumstances.