14/08/2017 11:14 AM AEST | Updated 14/08/2017 11:14 AM AEST

Shocking Scenes At Junior Footy Brawl Where Umpire 'Fled For His Life'

'This is genuine carnage... Christ, this is shocking.'

Really bloody awful footage has emerged of the aftermath of a brawl at a junior footy match in Victoria.

Things got nasty at the end of the Under-15s Division 2 grand final between Point Cook and Albion at Hogans Road Reserve in Hoppers Crossing, when Point Cook kicked a last gasp goal which allowed them to leapfrog Albion and win the premiership.

The goal came about through one 50m penalty (when a player stepped over the mark), then another 50m penalty (when a player mouthed off over the first infringement). That placed the Point Cook player pretty much directly in the goal square, from where he kicked truly.

Cue mayhem.

Facebook Joel Anthony Ives

"And then, like bang, people began running onto the ground, and abusing the umpire, spectator John Dodd told Fairfax Media.

According to The Age, Mr Dodd, a football umpire himself, had been at the sporting complex watching his son play on the adjacent oval in the Under-13s grand final.

"There were supporters and parents throwing punches at him. He was running away, dodging punches, and if he had fallen over I don't know what would have happened," he said. "He was running for his life at a junior football match, which is ridiculous."

Joel Ives, an MCG bartender who took the footage, described the scene as "absolute chaos".

"This is genuine carnage," Ives said in the video below. "Fair enough the umpire just cost Albion a flag but Christ, this is shocking.


"The umpire gave two 50 metres penalties away with 30 seconds left... Siren blew and Point Cook won," Ives then wrote on a Facebook post.

"Players went up to the umpire and started hitting him, they chased him off the field, the crowd hit the umpire, then there were fights between the crowd!"

Meanwhile a listener who called into radio station 3AW said they saw the umpire run for his life.

"I would have hate to see what happened if that umpire fell," the listener said.

A Victoria Police spokesperson said police were "investigating the matter as an affray".

Meanwhile the Western Region Football League (WRFL) issued the following statement:

"The Western Region Football League is investigating an incident that followed the Under-15 Division 2 Grand Final between Albion and Point Cook at Hogans Road Reserve on Sunday afternoon.

The league has no further comment to make at this time."

And if you'd prefer a heartwarming story about everything junior sport should be, try this one.

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