14/08/2017 11:47 PM AEST

News That Big Ben Will Be Silenced Sparks The Best Conspiracy Theory

The EU Referendum debate was littered with some truly bonkers conspiracy theories.

From fears that the election registration site was purposely crashed by the government to worries that your ballot paper would be doctored if you didn’t #UsePens, Britain reached near-hysterical levels of ridiculousness ahead of the vote. 

But the fun didn’t stop there. News that Big Ben will be silenced for the next four years has sparked an incredible tongue-in-cheek Brexit ‘conspiracy theory’. 

Neil Hall / Reuters
Big Ben will be silenced for four years from next Monday 

It was announced this morning that the bell’s infamous peals will be stopped until 2021 while a serious renovation project on Elizabeth Tower gets underway - basically to stop construction workers from being deafened.  

But many eagle-eyed social media users have pointed out that the deadline for Britain to secure a deal to leave the EU was set for March 29, 2019 “when Big Ben bongs midnight”. 

“Secret plan to stop Brexit!” one Twitter user joked. “Who knew we could rely on Big Ben to save us?” 

Others quickly joined in on the fun: 

Seems legit. 

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