14/08/2017 9:00 PM AEST | Updated 14/08/2017 9:01 PM AEST

Elisabeth Moss Clarifies Comments About 'Handmaid's Tale' Not Being ‘Feminist’

Elisabeth Moss has clarified her comments about ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ being a “human story” rather than a “feminist one”, admitting that her previous statement was “a mistake”.

The adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel is one of the standout television highlights of 2017, and Elisabeth stars as the lead character Offred, while also serving as a producer.

Elisabeth as Offred 
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Elisabeth Moss 

Her initial comment came in April, when she told an audience at the film festival: “It’s not a feminist story, it’s a human story, because women’s rights are human rights.”

This is the second time Elisabeth has addressed her comments. During a previous interview with HuffPost US, she said: “Anything that brings feminism into the spotlight, anything that brings reproductive rights into the spotlight, is a great thing.

“Whatever that is. We should be talking about it.”

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ was a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic, finally being aired in the UK when Channel 4 bought the rights, and has earned 13 Emmy nominations.

The show itself has been nominated for the Outstanding Drama Series prize, while Elisabeth is up for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series accolade.

Her co-stars Samira Wiley and Ann Dowd are both nominated in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category, while other nods include one for Alexis Bledel, for Outstanding Guest Actress.

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