16/08/2017 12:37 AM AEST

These Are The Healthy Ways To Deal With Stress, According To The Internet

When you’re feeling stressed it can be temping to open a bottle of wine and drink away the day’s problems in front of the telly.

But deep down, we all know that’s not healthy and doesn’t exactly help things in the long run. 

So on Reddit, people have been sharing the healthy habits they’ve developed in order to reduce stress in a more positive way.

If you feel your blood pressure rising after a day at work, give these activities a go. 

AleksandarNakic via Getty Images

1. “I have an hour commute. In that time I listen to music and generally just forget everything at work and think about getting home to see my wife and cook dinner together.”


2. “Meditation. You just shut the whole crap off for 20 minutes and your brain is re-set.”



3. “Cooking a complex meal with several dishes.

“It’s pretty focusing and definitely keeps you in the moment while your subconscious considers the issue at hand, with a lot of steps that need to come together so everything finishes at the same time. Due to timing, you can’t really let your mind/focus get off the topic of bringing everything together. Once it’s done, you have a feeling of accomplishment and a good meal to eat while you ponder the issues that stressed you out in the first place.”



4. “I try to make other people happy - hold doors, help people pick up dropped items, that kind of thing. It makes me feel so good to see other people feel good.”


5. “When you come home from work, you should put your work problems down and leave them at the door.

“I carry a bag, so when I put my bag down when I come home I kind of grab a ball of air as though it were the problems of the day and put them figurative in my bag and leave them there.”



6. “Running or any kind of physical exercise...It’s a proven fact that it releases the same kind of ‘happiness’ hormones like Xanax and other pills. Also, go to the gym and punch that punching bag really bad, until you are tired.”



7. “Think about the present and not the future. If you feel the need of getting a breather, drop everything in your hands right now and go for it. Take as long as you want.”



8. “I pet or play with my dog. He can also sense if I’m getting stressed, so he will come and put his head on my lap to pet him.” 



9. “If I’m feeling overwhelmed by life or work I will take one of my sick days and just relax. No chores, no errands, no responsibilities. Just go down to the water with a little picnic (phone off) and lay with my dog. That seems to be my rest button when anxiety gets the best of me.”



10. “Cross-stitching, sounds like a grandma kind of advice but it works wonders, especially when combined with calming songs. When I’m doing it, I can’t think about anything else.”



11. “Think logically and give less fucks. Or better, don’t give any fucks.”