15/08/2017 12:20 PM AEST

Now Trump Is Being Stalked By A Giant Freaky Rat

Move over, giant chicken. President Donald Trump has a new inflatable parody ready to follow him around. 

And this one is even uglier. 

Trumpy the Rat made its debut near Trump Tower in New York on Monday during the president’s first visit to his home since taking office in January. 

Drew Angerer via Getty Images
Trump the Rat makes its debut near Trump Tower in New York City. 

To raise the trolling level up an extra notch or two, Trumpy the Rat features Confederate flag cufflinks, a Russian flag on its lapel, and ― of course ― a Trump-style hairdo.

The 15-foot inflatable rodent was designed by artist Jeffrey Beebe, and was brought to fruition with BravinLee and a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $10,000 in the spring.

It’s modeled on the inflatable rat that union workers sometimes use to protest non-union workers at job sites.

“I was always passing by these non-union construction sites on my bike and I saw these inflatable rats,” John Post Lee of BravinLee told the New York Daily News. “I was amazed at how effective they were. I marveled at how disgusting they were.”

The creators vowed on Kickstarter to position the rat as close as possible to Trump Tower.  

“It takes just 2-3 minutes to inflate the rat to its 15’ height, so it might be possible to get it pretty close to the sociopath-in-chief’s super-vulgar-tacky rat’s nest!” they wrote. 

Drew Angerer via Getty Images
Trumpy the Rat stands at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th Street, a few blocks from Trump Tower. 

While New York City is known for giant rats, this one might be ready to break out of Manhattan.

“The intent is to fabricate an inflatable Trump Rat and get it out into the world, keep it circulating, and loan it out to protests,” the Kickstarter campaign notes.

The rat comes hot on the spurs of a giant inflatable chicken, which made headlines last week when it was set up outside the White House.