16/08/2017 8:31 PM AEST

This Is How Neo-Nazis Are Responding To Trump's Charlottesville Statement

Alt-right leaders are applauding President Donald Trump for his widely panned response to the Charlottesville violence at the weekend.

In an unbelievable press conference even by Trump’s standards, he reverted back to his original statement that there was blame “on all sides” and said there were some “very fine people” taking part in the white nationalist rally which saw one woman killed and many more injured.

This is what leaders and prolific activists on the alt-right had to say about his response:

David Duke

The former leader of the KKK was full of praise for Trump, who he described as honest and courageous.

Richard Spencer

After dismissing Trump’s revised statement which included specific condemnation of hate groups as “kumbaya nonsense”, the white supremacist leader - who was one of the headline speakers at the rally - tweeted his support of Trump’s ‘many sides’ statement.

Andrew Anglin

The founder of the neo-Nazi website, the Daily Stormer - which is currently down after being dumped by hosting site GoDaddy and Google - hailed the fact that Trump “outright refused to disavow” the groups that gathered on Saturday and also emphasised that the US President walked out of the room when reporters asked him about white nationalism.

Tim Gionet

The notorious alt-right activist, who goes by the name of Baked Alaska on Twitter, thanked Trump and described those protesting against the rally as thugs.

Paul Ramsey

The prolific alt-right commentator and vlogger Paul Ramsey, or RamzPaul, let his support be known by simply tweeting that it was a “good statement” from Trump.

Mike Cernovich

Another prolific vlogger and Twitter personality, Mike Cernovich, made an enthusiastic video praising Trump for “calling out left wing domestic terrorism”.

Matthew Heimbach

Justin Ide / Reuters
Matthew Heimbach at the Charlottesville rally

While the leader of the neo-Nazi Traditionalist Worker party - who was a staunch Trump supporter during his presidency campaign - didn’t exactly sing Trump’s praises as much as the others, he still commented: “It’s the first president I’ve ever seen that wouldn’t just outright condemn.”

He added: “It’s interesting that Mr Trump had identified that the left is violent. Maybe he has a more nuanced position that most presidents previous to him.”

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