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Fugitive Tortoise Escapes Zoo, Travels 140 Metres In Two Weeks

It's the first time Aboo, 35, has tried to escape since being brought to the zoo in 2004.
Hey you in the bushes!
Hey you in the bushes!

A giant tortoise who escaped from her enclosure at a zoo in Japan has been found safe and sound after two weeks on the run walk.

Aboo has been on the loose since she disappeared from Shibukawa Animal Park in Okayama Prefecture, south eastern Japan on August 1.

Living life as a fugitive for two weeks, the 55 kilogram tortoise was found in bushes just 140 metres away from where she made her getaway by a man and his teenage son.

"I feel relieved. From now on, we'll make sure to take perfect care of our animals," zoo worker Yoshimi Yamane told the Japan Times.

Aboo, who is believed to be 35-years-old, has since been returned to her enclosure at the zoo. It's the first time she's tried to escape, but seeing as though giant tortoises can live to be over 100 years old, it probably won't be her last.

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