17/08/2017 1:05 PM AEST | Updated 17/08/2017 1:08 PM AEST

Nokia Launches Smartphone For Taking 'Bothies'

Selfies are so one sided.

Dual capture allows you to shoot both sides of the action.

The Nokia 8 is here and it's all about capturing both sides of the story.

Following the successful launches of the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 smartphones about six weeks ago, the Nokia 8 is the jewel in the crown of the new range and is the flagship handset.

The Android introduces a world-first in enabling 'Dual-Sight' video and photos -- meaning you can film or snap 'bothies' -- both yourself holding the phone and the thing in front of you at the same time.

It's designed to work seamlessly when live streamed in real-time to social feeds such as Facebook and YouTube, making it ideal for rallies, concerts and other times when you'd actually care about seeing the person behind the phone.

While us normals might not see everyday uses for the feature (unless you're proposing?), the dual capture mode has been developed with content creators (those people who un-box toys and do extreme sports on YouTube) in mind.

The dual feature in action.

"We know that fans are creating and sharing live content more than ever before, with millions of photos and videos shared every minute on social media. People are inspired by the content they consume and are looking for new ways to create their own," Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer of HMD Global said in a brand statement.

"It's these people who have inspired us to craft a flagship smartphone which perfectly balances premium design, an outstanding experience and powerful performance."

The phone itself is pretty sexy. It has a body that's 4.6mm thin at the edge and 7.3mm on average and is precision milled from a single block of 6000 series aluminium. It also features 'Nokia OZO Audio', a fancy audio feature which combines three microphones to capture sound from all around.

The front and back of the new Nokia 8 handset.

Ever notice your handset get really hot when using Snapchat or asking it to do a lot of stuff at once? The developers have addressed that, too. The result is a full-length, graphite shielded copper cooling pipe that 'dissipates the heat generated by the high performing system across the full length and breadth of the handset'. The result is a cooler running phone even when you're using it flat out.

The Nokia 8 will retail for $899.00 is available to pre-order from JB Hi Fi Friday 18 August. It will also be available from Harvey Norman.

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