16/08/2017 7:52 PM AEST | Updated 17/08/2017 10:47 AM AEST

The Sad Fall From Grace Of Early 2000s New Zealand Rap Superstar Scribe

Kiwi rapper Scribe has been doing it tough lately.

Sergio Dionisio via Getty Images
Scribe exploded onto the music scene in 2003 before developing a drug addiction and running-in with the law.

New Zealand-born hip hop rapper Scribe has come a long way since bursting onto the international music scene back in 2003.

While it all started off quite fantastically -- his debut album 'The Crusader' reached number one on Kiwi music charts and went Platinum five times in New Zealand and once in Australia -- 38-year-old Scribe, born in Christchurch as Malo Luafutu and known as Jeshua Luafutu, has hit a few snags in his career in recent years.

Best known for exploding into music with his number one single 'Not Many' from 2003, there was once a time when Scribe's music was everywhere -- one of those songs even made it as the promotional track for the first-ever A-League competition.

He was also the brains behind the number one singles 'Stand Up' (2003) and 'Dreaming' (2004).

And if you're still not sure who we're talking about, check out the video below.

Despite being idolised by fans of his music both in New Zealand and abroad, Scribe's mega-fame and success was short-lived after he admitted to struggling with drug, alcohol and gambling issues in 2011. He racked up thousands of dollars in debt after his family disallowed him funds and, for a period of time, was separated from his two children and their mother.

But the fall from grace didn't stop there.

In November 2011, the rapper was also arrested in Wellington over disorder offences and released with a formal warning by NZ police, in an incident he described at the time as "illegal".

"I got illegally arrested [and] released without charge... Wow I expected it from CHCH but racist police in Welli! Wow," he reportedly said in a tweet.

"I got arrested for freestyling in Cuba Mall... If it wasn't for my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and extensive knowledge of the LAW I might still be there."

While the kiwi has been left relatively out of the spotlight since that particular run-in with the law, he made headlines again in March this year after he announced he was still battling drug addiction and would be entering rehab "with no contact with the outside world".

Thank you to all my supporters. Peace & Love. S.

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On Wednesday, the rapper's chain of unfortunate life events continued after New Zealand's Canterbury Police issued a public appeal for information about the 38-year-old's whereabouts after he missed a court date relating to drug and weapons charges.

Luafutu was allegedly caught on April 2 in a public place with a bat, classed as an "offensive weapon" and also found to be in possession of the drug amphetamine, according to the NZ Herald.

"Police are currently seeking 38-year-old Malo Ioane Luafutu, who has several warrants to arrest for failing to appear in court and various drug related offences," a Facebook post from the police said.

Shortly after that post, which was later deleted, he handed himself in to police and was given another court date relating to the alleged crimes.

"Malo Luafutu has made contact with the court in regard to his outstanding warrant to arrest. He has been instructed to return to the Porirua District Court. Luafutu is no longer wanted," police said.

In a separate Facebook post linked to a page registered to his name, Luafutu reportedly defended his decision to miss the original court appearance: "There are valid reasons why I missed my court date. Do I manufacture drugs? No. Do I sell drugs? No. Do I promote drug use? Never.

"Have I made mistakes? Most certainly. See it for what it is. A distraction from what's really happening. I'm also a father and how this will effect my children is all I care about.

"No offence to the police but do u need assistance finding me? Where the f--k am I gonna hide? I'm Scribe."

Luafutu is expected to appear in court on Thursday August 17.