The Fitness Rules Of The World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Healthy body, sharp mind.

For some reason we are fascinated by other people's daily routines.

We are obsessed with reading about what celebrities eat in a day (how did Jennifer Aniston eat the same cob salad for 10 years straight?!) and like to learn how successful Aussie women spend their mornings.

Well it turns out a lot of the world's most successful business people have a lot in common. While top CEOs pick different poisons when it comes to their preferred fitness activity, they all prioritise their physical health.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is a fan of going for hikes, and also cycles when he's not in the gym for a session. He's also been known to munch on energy bars through that day -- even in meetings.

To see how other successful people fit fitness into their daily routines check out the below infographic.

Infographic by Unum