17/08/2017 3:58 PM AEST | Updated 17/08/2017 3:58 PM AEST

'The Other Guy': Infidelity, Pee-Stained Mattresses And Buried Dentist Chairs

Matt Okine and Harriet Dyer spill the secrets behind Stan's latest series.

In 2014 Matt Okine told Pedestrian that he and his girlfriend of nine years had broken up, which was rough but it didn't end there.

"I found out that she was having an affair with my best friend," Okine said. "At one stage we were all living together in the house, gull on sort of TV sh**."

Three years later, that's exactly what his story is. Okine has written and stars in 'The Other Guy', Stan's latest original series which dropped on August 17 and follows AJ, a successful radio DJ who finds out his girlfriend of ten years slept with his best friend... while they were all living in the same house.

The comedy series follows AJ as he tries to piece his life together after the breakup, and enters an entirely new dating world after being in a relationship for a decade. It's a brave new world with dating apps and all new rules.

Okine makes it clear that this isn't a recreation of his life story.

"It's not autobiographical in the sense that this is not supposed to be a documentary about how my life is or went down," Okine told HuffPost Australia.

"But there's definitely events that run parallel to my life. That's just what you do as a writer. I'm not a science fiction writer, I don't write horror stories, I just try to write honest and relatable stories."

Matt Okine's AJ is like an extension of the comedian in real life, just with better shirts.

Okine definitely drew from his own life, from AJ's job, and his messy breakup to the relationship he has with his dad. Okine's dad actually auditioned to play AJ's dad in the series but didn't get the job.

"He did audition and he wasn't good enough, I'm sorry mate! He had never acted before... In his audition he was reading out the actions. He would say his line and then be like, 'Ok now you're supposed to be biting your nails,'... I know dad, I wrote it!" Okine laughed.

His dad's desire to get into acting wasn't the only surprise. Growing up, Okine had a dentist's chair in his house, something that he pulled into 'The Other Guy' as part of AJ's character also.

"I thought dad got rid of it somehow but we did an interview just recently at my house in Brisbane and dad told me that he buried it in the backyard," Okine said.

Starring alongside Okine is Harriet Dyer, who plays best mate and terrible influence Stevie.

"I didn't really have to do much to be her," Dyer said. "The goal for us while making the show was to have as much fun with Stevie as possible," Okine added.

When it came to playing a role she thought was close to her own identity, Dyer still felt the pressure of playing comedy.

"Comedy is harder," she said. "You're either funny or you're not."

Dyer also stars in the upcoming thriller 'Killing Ground', the film follows a couple as they attempt to have a romantic getaway in an isolated campsite which turns out to be a battle for survival.

"Physically, obviously, doing a thriller set in the bush is hard because you're running around a lot in the bush with a gun pointed at your head" Dyer said.

"That's physically more demanding, but I didn't have to think about it as much. I would go home at the end of the day and go, 'I don't know if I was funny today'."

Dyer's concerns are totally misguided though, with Stevie stealing every scene she's in like a comical hurricane of bad decisions.

Harriet Dyer's Stevie is a revelation of what we're affectionately labeling "millennial hot messery".

When Okine's AJ isn't busy bumbling through a first date or frantically trying to scrub stranger pee off a mattress (or was it his?!), the comedian takes a more considered approach to his character. The pair play off each other perfectly so many will be surprised they didn't know each other before Dyer was cast in the role.

While the show has its laughs, it's also full of heart, something that really comes through in Okine's writing with Becky Lucas of 'Please Like Me' fame.

The series doesn't take the easy road of vilifying AJ's girlfriend and best friend, but rather humanises its characters and explores the flaws in them, reflecting them in us all.

Check out the full chat with Matt Okine and Harriet Dyer above. Every episode of 'The Other Guy' is now streaming on Stan.