19/08/2017 2:19 PM AEST | Updated 19/08/2017 2:19 PM AEST

Barcelona Attack Prompts Wave Of Acts Of Kindness

The world watched horrified as Spain was hit by a string of terror attacks on Thursday - but the best of humanity was also on display as people tried to help in any way they could.

At least 13 people died and 50 were injured when the van crashed on a pavement in the popular tourist area of Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

Five suspected terrorists were also killed in the Spanish town of Cambrils as police foiled a second terrorist attack. One woman was killed and 7 people - including a police officer - were wounded in Cambrils after a car was driven into them early on Friday morning, officials said.

JOSEP LAGO via Getty Images
Flowers, candles, messages and stuffed toys are left on the Rambla boulevard following the attack which left 13 dead

But the far from being cowed by the horrifying acts, people instead carried out their own acts of kindness...

1. Many opened their homes to offer a bed for the night to anyone stranded using the hashtag #BedInBarcelona

2. Public transport officials confirmed they would not be charging for metro and bus services in the wake of the attack

3. Taxi drivers and services also offered to give people lifts for free

4. People rushed to donate blood and reserves were quickly filled

5. Striking airport workers called off their industrial action

Albert Gea / Reuters
Queues at Barcelona's El Prat airport during the strike by security staff

6. Barcelona's tourism office and hotel chain Gremi D'Hotels offered stranded tourists alternative hotel rooms

7. People flooded social media with pictures of cats after police requested that people did not post pictures of the crime scene

8. When #StopIslam began trending, people were quick to step in with #StopIslamophobia messages

Dawn, 30, who has lived in Barcelona all their life, told HuffPost UK: "Barcelona is my city, even if this people want us down. I live here, I walked for her streets, I worked just in Rambla, but this will not let us down.

"I was at home yesterday when I known what happened. I felt anger, sadness. I was horrified about this happened in my city. We always see all the attacks in social media, or the TV, but isn't the same when it happens in your beloved city. I had a really bad panic attack.

"This is awful. It's terrible, but Barcelona is strong and we are united. With all taxi, transport, hotels free for those who can come back home or their hotel. People going to hospitals for blood donation, helping tourists to translate information... This is Barcelona. We are all together, and we will be."

Investigations into the attacks are ongoing, with the driver of the van involved in the Las Ramblas attack having fled from the scene by foot.

The so-called Islamic State have taken responsibility for the attack.

Authorities are now investigating possible links between the two attacks and an earlier explosion that destroyed a house in the town of Alcanar, about 120 miles from Barcelona.

One person was killed and seven were injured in the blast, with police saying that residents were preparing explosives, Reuters reported.