The Internet Is Loving This Man's Interview With His Sister's First Date

A man has taken looking out for his sister to the next level by playfully grilling her date at the front door - and the internet loves him for it.

Shaquille Jack from Harrow filmed the exchange and uploaded a video of it on Twitter, where it’s been shared more than 20,000 times.

“Sister’s first date so I had to regulate and do my brotherly duties,” he wrote.

In the clip, Shaquille calls his sister to the door with her date Owen, asking about his age and “intentions”.

They then embark on a conversation about what Owen does for work and whether he’ll be paying for dinner or halving it, to which his sister pipes in, laughing: “I’m an independent woman.”

Shaq then continues asking Owen about his movements over the next few years - in which they discuss university plans and gap years. (They covered some serious ground in under two minutes.)

The video has gone down a storm on social media, receiving over 47,000 favourites.

While one person noted that the exchange could be construed as “sexist”, most agreed it was lighthearted and harmless fun - they’re obviously pretty close and Shaq’s got his sister’s back.

Something tells us Shaq will be seeing Owen again very soon.