19/08/2017 7:18 AM AEST

This Dudeoir Calendar Of Bearded Men Leaves Little To The Imagination

These aren’t your mama’s calendar boys.

Created by photographer Chad Castigliano, Whimsical Woodsman And Friends is a dudeoir calendar that features men stripping down for great causes, including the Red Cross and Books To The Rescue, a nonprofit that provides books and stuffed animals to kids in crisis. (Castigliano’s wife runs the local Prescott, Arizona chapter of the national organization.)

It all started when Catigliano asked friend and firefighter Tim Wilson ― aka the “Whimiscal Woodsman” ― to channel his inner pin-up model and pose in little more than his boxers and some flannel: 

Chad Castigliano/Chronicker Photography

“Tim is a wildland firefighter so we thought that maybe we could get some local attention as firefighters are dear to people’s hearts around here,” Castigliano told HuffPost. “Then, we found others guys and it went completely viral [on Facebook].”

It’s easy to see why; Wilson and the boys definitely bring it in the photos:

Chad Castigliano/Chronicker Photography
You better werk. 

Here’s the “Mischievous Mechanic”: 

Chad Castigliano/Chronicker Photography
Boots up.

And the “Wistful Warrior,” who totally kilt his photo shoot:

Chad Castigliano/Chronicker Photography
Someone please cast this man on "Game of Thrones." 

Castigliano’s project got attention last year from local press, but it blew up when The Scene shared a sass-filled photo montage of the dudes. The video has over 1.7 million views and plenty of appreciative comments from new fans.

Castigliano told HuffPost he’s also received messages from people who are thrilled to see such a body positive pin-up calendar featuring men.

“That’s something Tim and I really didn’t think of when we first started this,” he said. “Tim is just a cool guy who is completely at ease with who he is ― the photos are just Tim being Tim. It’s cool so many people could see how relaxed and comfortable all of these guys are in their own skin.”

Chad Castigliano/Chronicker Photography
I'm feelin' myself.

If you want to get involved, Castigilano has some good news: He and his team are currently looking all across the U.S. for models for the 2018 calendar. 

The criteria for participating? Ideally you have a beard, or are willing to grow one, but what matters most is quality of character.

“I think you have to be a good guy to come forth and volunteer to do this for a children’s charity,” Castigliano said. “So really, you need facial hair, a willingness to be an actual part of something and you have to be a great person.” 

Below, more photos of the “Whimsical Woodsman” and his pals. Visit their official site or the Facebook page to see more and to pick up a calendar (it’s half off right now!)