8 Vegetarian Recipes Even Meat Eaters Will Love

These are easy, satisfying and packed with flavour.

Vegetarian recipes get a bad rap for being bland, light and unsatisfying -- but that's only because most people aren't making the right dishes (looking at you, kale salad).

The trick to flavourful vegetarian and vegan recipes is using everyday ingredients in clever, delicious ways -- like infusing eggplant with spices and sauces to make 'bacon'.

Enter these recipes, which are easy, hearty and packed with spice and flavour, making them perfect for Meatless Mondays or if you're trying to reduce your meat intake.

1. Cheesy zucchini roll-ups

For a veggie take on lasagna, try these zucchini roll-ups filled with three types of cheese, and topped with a rich tomato sauce and more cheese. Did we say cheese?

Note: with any recipe containing cheese, make sure the product is rennet-free. You can also try vegan cheeses, which aren't as bad as you think.

2. Vegan 'BLT' sandwich

If you've never tried bacon alternatives, now's the time. This crispy vegan bacon is made using eggplant, vegan Worcestershire, liquid smoke, tamari, smoked paprika and other spices to mimic the flavour profile of bacon. Pile it in a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and vegan mayo and there you have it.

3. Veggie black bean enchiladas

These delightfully filling vegetarian enchiladas are stuffed with black beans, broccoli, capsicum, spinach and cheese, and topped with enchilada sauce and loads more cheese. So much yes.

4. Skillet cauliflower mac and cheese

This easy, extra cheesy one-pot mac and cheese is comfort food at its best, with caramelised cauliflower added to the mix. It's silky smooth, packed with flavour and a family favourite. While you're at it, make these incredible fried mac and cheese balls.

5. Roasted cauliflower tacos with chipotle romesco

Taco lovers, give this vegan recipe a go, with its smoky, roasted cauliflower and a sweet-yet-spicy romesco-inspired sauce. It's easy and quick to make, as well as gluten free.

6. Blue cheese stuffed portobello burgers with grilled corn

Thanks to their meaty texture, mushrooms are perfect in veggie burgers, but this recipe has a delicious twist -- the portobello mushies are filled with blue cheese, and piled high in a bun with grilled corn and crispy onions. Yep.

7. Lentil baked ziti

Baked ziti is a pasta casserole made with ziti (similar to penne) and rich tomato sauce. This meatless version is packed with lentils for protein, along with ricotta, mozzarella and sauce.

8. Veggie fajita sheet pan nachos

Get out the corn chips, it's time to make nachos with spice-covered veggies, beans, cheese, salsa and guacamole. Make these on a big sheet pan and dig in.