21/08/2017 4:54 PM AEST | Updated 21/08/2017 4:54 PM AEST

Neil Finn Is Recording An Entire Album Live On Facebook

'Out of Silence' will be recorded in real time, and available the following week.


In his quiet Roundhead Studios in Auckland, Neil Finn is preparing for a live show unlike any other.

For the last few weeks Finn, of Split Enz and Crowded House fame, has been live streaming rehearsals of his upcoming album every Friday. For the month of August, Finn has been streaming these sessions leading up to a final recording on the 25th where he and a full choir and orchestra will record the album, 'Out of Silence' in real time.

The record will be mastered and released the following week.

Speaking to the 'BBC', Finn said the experience meant he was more focused on the project at hand.

"Normally in the studio, there's a lot of time to indulge and procrastinate. But when you're in full view you just get down to it."

This isn't the first time Finn has taken his work to the internet, as he's been tinkering with live streaming for 16 years. In 2001 Finn would routinely webcast performances and recordings for audiences of a few hundred. Now the technology has made it easier for Finn to reach greater numbers of people with ease.

"I think music is served well by the internet generally," Finn said to 'The Spinoff', "it at least gives everyone an even chance of getting noticed if they've got something really good."

"There are things wrong with it -- there are things wrong with every technology -- but I think the webcasting thing is really under-explored. The feeling of being connected directly to your favourite artist and him or her talking to you directly through the internet is underdone."

Finn's final livestream will kick off on August 25, where he'll be recording 'Out Of Silence', which will be available from September 1. You can also watch Finn's prior recordings on his Facebook or YouTube.