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All The Theories On What's Going On With Taylor Swift Right Now

From eclipses to dragons, it's all happening.

Hello, have you had a long and tiresome day? Well, you're probably not as tired as the diehard fans of Taylor Swift who have scraped through the internet and have proven themselves to be incredible sleuths.

Allow us to explain.

Last week Taylor Swift wiped her entire presence on social media. All accounts were wiped, including her website which just appeared as a completely blank black screen.

Then, on Monday Swift returned briefly to social media right before the solar eclipse to post a pretty cryptic video.

What the hell, right? Well, if you're confused, never fear. Taylor's fanbase went into Sherlock Holmes mode and came up with some incredible theories. Here are some of the biggest, just to catch you up.

1. Taylor's dropping new music this week!

After Taylor reappeared on social media posting a cryptic video which has yet to be deciphered, several eagle-eyed fans started to look as close as possible and what they found might have revealed a big clue.

Apparently if you look close enough the numbers two and five can be seen on the tail/snake/alien tentacle with many believing Taylor would be releasing new music on August 25.

A report that appeared on 'US Weekly' on Tuesday, citing anonymous sources "close to Taylor", also claimed the first single of her sixth studio album would arrive on the 25th. They also called the song "poppy".

2. A big week for dragons.

While many initially believed Taylor was reclaiming the symbol that has haunted her since her clash with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, a lot of other fans weren't so sure the image was a snake.

Maybe Tay was going all 'Game of Thrones' on us, using an image of a dragon.

Perhaps she's planning some kind of pop coup and she's going to... eh we're behind on 'Game of Thrones', just insert a funny reference of your own here.

3. Taylor's just like an eclipse, if you look directly at her she'll f**k you up.

As well as a social media blackout, Taylor's website also went through a big change. Firstly the site went totally black, then white, then back to black again. Many believed this was symbolic as it occurred around the same time as the solar eclipse.

Back to black...

— Taylor Swift Updates (@TSwiftPR) August 21, 2017

Taylor's cryptic social media posts also all went up around the same time as the eclipse. If you were of the opinion that the cryptic video WAS a snake, team eclipse was emboldened upon the discovery that the thin little lines of light that appear during eclipses are apparently often referred to as "shadow snakes".

BUT if you're Team Dragon, fans began to connect the dots and believed that Taylor was hinting at a reawakening this entire time. In some ancient cultures, they believed the cause of an eclipse was a dragon eating the sun.

4. Taylor's vego now cause she cancelled her biggest beef.

By now we're all very aware of Katy Perry and Taylor's ongoing feud, mostly because Katy used it as a marketing strategy for her most recent album, 'Witness'. Katy went on the record several times drudging up the feud, even so far as writing a "diss track" in the form of 'Swish Swish'.

It was recently announced Katy would be hosting the VMA awards this year and the rumour mill has been spinning like crazy with the idea that Katy and Taylor may bury the hatchet and perform together.

This theory hasn't been helped by Katy promoting the video for 'Swish Swish', which tweeted a countdown to with the message "COUNTDOWN TO CATASTROPHE". Castastrophe was obviously Taylor's character name in HER diss track, 'Bad Blood'. Are you exhausted yet?

5. Look, it could be anything really.

Basically the internet went into meltdown, scrounging together as many clues to what Taylor could be up to, coming up with so many colourful theories including but not limited to albums linked to a masquerade, space and/or time.

So the consensus is Taylor is most likely dropping some new music soon. There you go. Replenish your electrolytes. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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