23/08/2017 1:03 PM AEST | Updated 23/08/2017 1:04 PM AEST

Leaning Building That Looks Like It's Falling Causes Panic In Bangkok

Oh, the perils of modern architecture.

Justin Van Colen / Youtube
The leaning tower of Bangkok.

Panic erupted on Thai social media in mid-August amid concerns that a building was collapsing near the Phloenchit intersection in Bangkok.

Images of the Rosewood Hotel were shared on Twitter and the Bangkok Post reports that people's comments started to refer to the structure as the 'leaning building.'

The worry however, was unfounded, as the building itself was actually designed to lean in such a way. The unusual design was revealed when the scaffolding on the building's exterior was removed.

The reaction on social media saw the project's technical director, Dr Assawin Wanichkorkul, hurry to the site to verify that everything was in order.

The building leans between the 10th and the 33rd floor, however, it has been confirmed that structurally, the building is stable.

Justin Van Colen/ Youtube
This is what the hotel will look like when completed.

The hotel was simply designed to look different to other buildings in Bangkok and locals were assured there was no need to worry.