23/08/2017 8:58 AM AEST | Updated 23/08/2017 8:59 AM AEST

Scooter Plunges Straight Into A Sinkhole After It Opens In A Street

The man appeared to be distracted by a cell phone.

A man appearing to be distracted by a phone drove a scooter head first into a sinkhole just after it opened up in southern China, a dramatic video shows.

The motorist was riding along a street in the coastal city of Beihai when he sailed straight over the hole's edge last week, Chinese broadcaster CGTN reported.

A man is seen driving a scooter straight into a sinkhole that opened up in China.

Fortunately for the driver, he was seen climbing out on his own and appeared to escape with no injuries.

Perhaps almost as shocking as the man's ungraceful fall, however, is a pedestrian's nonchalant reaction as he watches the motorist zoom into the pit.

Without showing any obvious alarm, that man, wearing a white polo, continues casually walking towards the hole to look inside.

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