23/08/2017 5:25 PM AEST | Updated 23/08/2017 5:52 PM AEST

Headless Torso Found In Copenhagen Is Missing Swedish Journalist

A headless torso which was found on the water’s edge in Copenhagen is that of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who police believe was killed on a home-made submarine.

Danish police confirmed on Twitter on Wednesday that there was a “DNA match between the torso and Kim Wall,” stating there would be a press conference later today.  

The body, which was discovered on Monday by a passing cyclist, was found without a head, arms or legs.  

TT News Agency / Reuters
Police have confirmed a headless torso found in Copenhagen belonged to missing Swedish journalist Kim Hall 

Wall, 30, was last seen alive on 10 August as she departed on a submarine trip with Danish inventor Peter Madsen. 

Madsen, who is charged with manslaughter over Wall’s death on his home-made submarine, told the court she had died in an accident and that he “buried” her at sea, Reuters reported. He denies the charge. 

In a previous statement, the 46-year-old had claimed that he had dropped her off alive in Copenhagen. 

PETER THOMPSON via Getty Images
A woman, believed to be Swedish journalist Kim Wall, stands next to a man in the tower of the private submarine 'UC3 Nautilus' on August 10, 2017 in Copenhagen Harbour

The inventor was rescued a day after his UC3 Nautilus sank. Police found nobody else on the vessel.

Danish and Swedish maritime authorities used divers, sonar and helicopters in the search for the body in Koge Bay, south of the city, and in the Oresund Strait between the two countries.

Madsen, an entrepreneur, artist, submarine builder and aerospace engineer, appeared before a judge on August 12 for preliminary questioning.

The case is not open to the public to protect further investigations, police said. 

Scanpix Denmark / Reuters
Danish inventor Peter Madsen has been charged with manslaughter over Wall's death