24/08/2017 10:27 AM AEST | Updated 26/08/2017 1:14 PM AEST

This Very Good Doggo Saved His Humans From A House Fire

Jack just won Australia’s Dog of The Year for his efforts.


Meet Jack. He's a very good boy who on Saturday the 26th was named MadPaw's Dog of the Year for 2017.

Hailing from Canberra, ACT, Jack's human Laura Gilbert entered the Golden Retriever cross Labrador into the comp and he came out on top over 1,514 pooches for his heroic efforts when he saved Gilbert and her partner from a house fire.


Late at night Jack's human parents were sick in bed asleep when the fire broke out. When letting Jack outside earlier, his human dad had turned on the backdoor lamp which had set alight due to a water leak.

The fire was spreading fast, right to the bedroom door where the couple were sleeping. Jack realised the danger and started making strange noises in a desperate attempt to alert his owners. His parents woke to Jack's noise and realised the house was on fire, just a few metres away from their bedroom.


What a very good doggo!

For a full list of state winners, check out the MadPaws website.