24/08/2017 1:18 PM AEST | Updated 24/08/2017 1:19 PM AEST

WATCH: Man Cheats Death After Car Flips At 402Km/h

Top Gear host Richard Hammond was involved in a serious crash at the same track in 2006.

A British journalist has managed to escape a high-speed crash with only bruises after the jet-powered car he was driving flipped while travelling at 402km/h.

David Tremayne, 64, reached a top speed of 476km/h while attempting to break the UK land speed record before losing control of his Duo Stay Gold dragster.

He told The Northern Echo that he was determined to have another go, adding that he "always believed the car would never hurt me. I am quite stoical about it."

"As I put the parachute out suddenly the car went sideways, it was on its side and rolled over at around 250mph, I jumped out and it carried on down the track," he said.

In 2006, Top Gear host Richard Hammond was involved in a similar incident at the same track while attempting to break the record.

Rescue crews dragged Hammond's body from the jet-propelled car he was traveling after it crashed at 482km/h.