25/08/2017 11:15 AM AEST | Updated 25/08/2017 11:15 AM AEST

Australian Streets Named After Game Of Thrones Characters

The battle for the Iron Throne has made its way to suburban Australia.


Would you rather live on Snow, Stannis or Baelish Street? That's the choice facing future residents of Charlemont Rise in Geelong, Victoria after developers announced they're taking inspiration for street names from Game of Thrones.

For GoT fans the answer is simple. Snow, Stannis and Baelish Street in that order, because there's something creepy about living on Littlefinger's Lane.

"You've got to think outside the box; we were getting so many names rejected," Smith explained. "That's why we went for Game of Thrones."

With over 200,000 road and place names already registered in Victoria, it's easy to see why coming up with new ones is so tricky. Especially considering the approval process in place. At present, developers must submit names to The Office of Geographical Names (OGN) in line with their 115-page rulebook. The rules state that anyone "including individuals, community groups, organisations, government departments or authorities" are entitled to appeal the naming proposal.

The Office of Geographical Names

Thankfully, Snow Street made it through without a complaint and even though Daenerys' feels Jon Snow is 'too little' for her in the show, potential buyers think otherwise.

"The only big mistake we've made was naming a small street Snow Street," project manager, Gary Smith told the Geelong Advertiser.

"We thought Jon Snow was going to be dead but then he came back to life in the next season. He's everybody's favourite -- we should've given him a large avenue."

Buyers don't have to worry about being stuck on Lannister Road, because neighbouring developers have knocked back the name because of the whole 'twins sleeping together' thing. Even a sneaky spelling change to Lannaster Road failed to get through.

"The name was knocked back by the developers next door because of the relationship between the Lannister brother and sister on the show," Smith said. "I even changed the spelling to make it not as obvious."

Charlemont Rise
Imagine taking the wrong turn and ending up on Baelish Drive *shudders*.

Instead, Lannaster Road will now be called Precinct Road.