24/08/2017 7:01 PM AEST

Dress Like A Sexy Lady Version Of Jon Snow Because Halloween Has No Rules

Lingerie and costume brand Yandy.com has created a sexy Jon Snow costume - just in time for Halloween shopping. 

The ‘Game Of Thrones’ inspired costume is $150 - £117 to you and me - and consists of a faux leather body suit with a cheeky cut-out in the middle, a studded loin cloth and a dramatic cape complete with faux fur collar.

Boots and fishnets optional. 


Some of Yandy’s Facebook followers were less convinced:

“Why is there a female version of Jon Snow?” one asked.

She went on to say that there are many other female characters to choose from. 


We’re also a little suspicious about the cape: did Yandy make like the show’s costume designer and also source the fabric from Ikea

On the one hand, this would be a bit of womp, womp. 

On the other, we could just DIY our own capes and toss it on top of our suitably dark bathing suits...