27/08/2017 4:04 PM AEST | Updated 27/08/2017 4:31 PM AEST

Investigation Underway After Tyres Slashed At LGBTQ Production

At least 12 cars were attacked.

Marccophoto via Getty Images
That attack took place in Lane Cove.

An investigation has been launched by New South Wales police following an attack on the vehicles of the cast and audience of a gay production in Sydney.

Twelve members of the cast and audience of 'Holding the Man', a gay love story that was held in Lane Cove, returned to their cars to find their tyres has been slashed.

While the motivation behind the attack remains unclear, this is the second time the production 'Holding the Man' has been targeted.

In early August, posters advertising the play were ripped down from the Lane Cove Plaza.

The attack, which may be considered as a 'hate crime' comes in the wake of significant debate around marriage equality rights in Australia.

The play celebrates a 15-year relationship between two men.

Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman told Sky News these actions should not be tolerated by Australian society.

"To see ... their posters vandalized was one thing, but last night to have the tyres of the patrons and the crews slashed is just completely unacceptable," Zimmerman said,

A 'Holding the Man' actor Trent Gardiner told the ABC only vehicles outside the venue of the production were slashed.

"We were appalled and shocked. I don't expect that to happen here," Gardiner said.

"It certainly leads you to believe that somebody was targeting us."