27/08/2017 12:04 AM AEST | Updated 27/08/2017 12:07 AM AEST

Ryan Reynolds Trolling Blake Lively On Her Birthday Is A Present To Everyone

Happy birthday, Ryan Reynolds fans.

Actress Blake Lively celebrated her 30th B-day on Friday, and in honor of the occasion, her husband, Reynolds, decided to give us all a gift, too. 

“Happy Birthday to my amazing wife,” wrote Reynolds on Instagram, which seems pretty sweet... until you realize he cropped Lively’s face out.

If Professor Quirrell were here, he’d be all like:

Reynolds’ trolling continues an ongoing theme of the couple having fun with their family in the media.

Joking about fatherhood, Reynolds is known for trying out his dad jokes about daughters, two-year-old James and 11-month-old Ines, on Twitter:

Lively joked to Glamour that she loves him “most of the time.” And she hasn’t been shy about trolling Reynolds on Instagram, either:

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Happy birthday, Blake. Hopefully you have many more wonderful times with the most influential person in your life... John Legend.

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