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Sightings Reported Of Missing Pair Who Jumped Into Crocodile-Infested Waters

The pair allegedly jumped into the Mary River to avoid police.

Sightings of two people who allegedly jumped into crocodile-infested waters in the Northern Territory have been reported, scaling back the search for the missing pair.

A pregnant 19-year-old woman and 25-year-old man are believed to have jumped into the Mary River, located near the Kakadu region, while fleeing police.

The Mary River is known for its high population of saltwater crocodiles.

On Saturday, NT Police said they held fears for the safety of the couple, however a NT Police spokesperson has today indicated they have received multiple reports of sightings.

"We have had a couple of really good sightings," the spokesperson said.

"We haven't confirmed the sightings at the moment, but they were enough to scale back the search."

Caitlyn Munnich and Raphael Woodhouse were attempting to escape a drug roadblock set up by police when they were believed to have jumped into the river.

Police reports suggest the couple may have left the river safely, but have avoided coming forward.

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