27/08/2017 1:15 PM AEST | Updated 27/08/2017 1:15 PM AEST

Survey Finds 60% Of Australian Women Think They're Overweight

The findings are from the 2017 Jean Hailes women’s health survey.

A survey of more than 10,000 Australian women has found 60 per cent of those polled consider themselves overweight.

The major survey by women's health organisation Jean Hailes also found 40 per cent of respondents have been professionally diagnosed with depression or anxiety.

It also found 60 per cent did not meet the recommended 2.5 hours of weekly physical activity because many believed they were "too tired" or it was too "hard" to make the time.

The survey, released on Sunday, also found almost half of women wanted more information on healthy eating and nutrition, despite the saturated market.

Survey director, Dr Helen Brown, told The Guardian that the findings were particularly worrying in relation to the mental health of young women.

"The 18 to 35-year-olds had the highest anxiety scores, that's even more telling," she is quoted as saying.

"I think they put an enormous amount of pressure on themselves to be 'ever-ready', to be on Instagram et cetera, which means they constantly have their phone in their hand and being ready for it."

The annual survey for woman aged 18-89 comes ahead of women's health week which starts on September 4.

Women's health week is a yearly campaign dedicated to inspiring women to take an interest in their health. More than 54,000 women are expected to take part in events across the country.