How Other Cultures Get Happy

Move over Hygge, it's all about Forest Bathing now.

A year or two ago everyone around the world went crazy for Hygge -- the Danish pastime that's all about being cozy and content, an ideal way to spend some time if you're an introvert or it's a chilly winter day. There's no English translation but the word 'Hygge' was even shortlisted for The Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year last year, though it lost out to 'Post-Truth'.

Anyway, it turns out there's lots of other practices around happiness that have been popular in different cultures throughout history.

Take Japan for example. Shinrin-yoku translates to 'forest bathing' and is literally the practice of getting outside and emersing yourself in greenery and nature to improve well-being. There's been plenty of studies done proving the many benefits the outdoors has on health, so it's no wonder the Japanese were onto this one from the get-go.

We also quite like how the French like to unwind. They're all about Aperitif, which is a small drink before dinner to ease the transition from work to relaxation. Cheers to that.

For more ways various cultures like to get happy, check out the below infographic.

Infographic by Cash Net USA