29/08/2017 8:39 AM AEST | Updated 29/08/2017 8:45 AM AEST

U Might Recognise 'The Bachelor' Matty J From This 00s Tampon Commercial

For the ultimate care down there.

YouTube / Network Ten

You've probably seen him on commercials, the side of buses, on street signs and even on every episode of this season of 'The Bachelor', but did you know years ago you probably checked out old mate Matty J without realising it? Nope we don't mean on Georgia Love's season of 'The Bachelorette' either.

Yep, turns out Matty has been on our screens before starring alongside none other than the Kotex U beaver.

Complete with the most iconic early 2000s shaggy do, Matty asks his on-screen girlfriend what she'd bring on a deserted island. Meanwhile the recently exiled Jennifer is like "did someone say desserts? I'm the best cook in the house!".

Sadly, just like his time on 'The Bachelorette' things didn't go well for Matty, with his beau finishing her list of desired items with, "and you... for protection". But it wasn't "you" Matty was hearing... it was U by Kotex. Wow, how many times do we need to see this guy get his heart ripped out on television.

Speaking to 'Women's Day', the Bachie said the ad never catapulted him to the levels of fame he's obviously now become familiar with.

"It aired on MTV and a few friends recognised it, but it's safe to say I was never stopped in the street!"

Still, there's nothing better than seeing a 22-year-old Matty chilling out with a puppet beaver. What a time.