30/08/2017 10:18 PM AEST

Couples Share The Best Things About Being Married

Too often we hear about the difficult parts of marriage - the fights, the constant bickering, and never being able to watch TV in peace ever again.

But obviously there are some wonderful parts of a lifelong union that make it all worth while (even if they do still forget to take the bins out).

Now Reddit users have been sharing their favourite part about being hitched, and we guarantee the responses will melt the hearts of even the most cynical single people. 

aldomurillo via Getty Images

1. “I always have an ally. Someone who is there for me who fulfills certain roles so I don’t have to worry about them and trusts me to fulfill my roles so I can feel confident in my abilities. I have support for everything, all the time, and always have a best friend right there in my own home to enjoy things with.”


2. “The cuddling, the sharing of snacks, the late-night conversations, the inside jokes, the cuddling. Also, the cuddling. Guess that’s more than one best thing.”


3. “It’s like being alone... but better!”


4. “It’s like a sleepover every night! We chill with our dog on the couch while watching a few episodes of one of our shows at night before bed, then we go to bed and read the news/browse reddit/watch YouTube videos for a while. We share the videos, pictures, memes, etc with one another and laugh or gasp together about them. Our dog hangs out on the bed until we go to sleep. It’s awesome.”


5. “Having someone with a sense of humour that matches up about 99% is pretty fantastic. There’s a lot of laughter in my apartment.”


6. “When she gets home after a fucker of a work day and she’s tired, fed up, close to tears from having to steer the business equivalent of a herd of cats with their tails tied together... I can change her whole evening with the right kind of chocolate and a neck rub. For those ten minutes, I am literally the best thing in her life. And that makes me feel mighty.”


7. “Having someone to bitch and laugh at all the weird parts of your everyday life with. Whether it be family, job, friends whatever. I know people say that’s what friends are for. But it’s different when you’re married. Also, there’s power in allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone else.. aka your partner.”


8. “That one minute we could be [having sex] on the couch, and three minutes later we are trying to decide what sort of dishwasher we should get.”


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9. “Little daily rituals, mannerisms, habits, inside jokes, and phrases that you don’t share with anyone else; just this one human you picked.”


10. “Discovering that love is basically bottomless when you meet someone special. I never think I will be able to love him more than I do, and somehow I end up loving him more every day just because he’s him. It’s the best feeling.”


11. “The best thing about marriage is It changes you if you let it. You can have a crappy attitude and no desire to grow - but if you let it, marriage refines you. Not only are we better people because of our marriage but I sincerely believe the people around us are better off knowing us as a team than knowing us alone. Marriage is the best because we can love on each other and the people we meet better together than apart.”


12. “The tiny kindnesses that make me feel so loved, like making me a coffee in the morning even if he can’t have one himself because he’s got a phlegmy cold, or filling my water bottle for me when I’m in the shower, or watching ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ with me for two hours because, even though he doesn’t like the movie at all, it makes me laugh.”

13. “Having someone to snuggle into at night.”


14. “The comfort I feel when he is sleeping, sitting, or standing next to me. He makes me feel safe even when I am not happy or am feeling upset. I also love that I can tell him anything, anything and he listens to me.”


15. “There’s a magic basket in my bedroom that I put my clothes in - and sometime later, they reappear in my wardrobe all clean and folded. No idea where my wife found it...I never saw them on sale when I was single.”