31/08/2017 10:30 AM AEST | Updated 31/08/2017 10:30 AM AEST

Sophie Monk Tears Up Talking About Love And Being The Next Bachelorette

"I'm a massive bogan but I really hope that Australia understands I want to find something genuine... and don't think I'm a tool."

In the latest promo for the third season of 'The Bachelorette', Sophie opened up about what she's looking for, and gave us the honesty we've come to expect from her over the years.

"I know I'm not the typical Bachelorette," she said looking wistfully out at the ocean like every other Bachelor/Bachelorette before her.

"I'm 37, I'm a massive bogan but I really hope Australia understands I want to find something genuine and they back me on this, and don't think I'm a tool to be honest."

While she was having a bit of a joke, later in the promo Sophie had to confront a few truths that brought her to tear up.

"I'm so lucky to do what I do, but the one thing you do sacrifice is a really healthy, good relationship," she said before she started to become visibly upset.

"That's one thing I regret, is I feel like I chose my career and you can't really have both. I'm just here because I want to find a good man that I think would be a good father and just... someone that loves me."

Sophie isn't the first Bachelorette to have worked in the industry before, following TV presenter Georgia Love and Bachelor alum Sam Frost. Oh and we couldn't forget Matty J's recently surfaced commercial for U by Kotex.

While we're excited to see how Sophie fares on her journey to finding love, the series won't start until Matty's season of 'The Bachelor' wraps up. We'll just have to see which (Laura) of the remaining bachelorettes (Laura) Matty J (it's probably Laura) will pick (Laura) before Sophie's season kicks off.