31/08/2017 3:01 PM AEST | Updated 31/08/2017 3:02 PM AEST

4 Reasons You Need To See 'Girls Trip' This Weekend

Other than because it's really f***ing funny.

While Hollywood is still facing issues of whitewashing on screen it's really nice to see diverse movies successful at the box office. But 'Girls Trip' wasn't just "successful", it completely smashed it.

As a response to that, the Aussie studio handling the movie quickly announced we'd be getting the movie in cinemas a few weeks later, and that is great news because it's really f***ing funny. Here are four of the most basic reasons you should check it out.

1. The cast is iconic.

The film stars Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish and Jada Pinkett Smith as four college friends who have slightly drifted over time. Hall stars as Ryan Pierce, successful self-help guru with one of those perfect shiny marriages you hate-follow on Instagram. Pierce invites her three mates to the Essence Festival in New Orleans to reunite and have one of their classic wild weekends.

The four leads are brilliant, with Hall, Latifah and Pinkett Smith no strangers to the big screen and newcomer Tiffany Haddish giving the role her all. The film plays like a 'Sex and the City' movie if either of those were actually good, or 'The Hangover' but with four women so... you know, they're capable of actually expression emotion.

2. It's the perfect blend of heartfelt and raunchy fun.

The film isn't just 122 minutes of d**k jokes, even though there's a lot of that, it toes the line of spit-out-your-drink shockingly funny, grotesque moments with the perfect balance of heart. This isn't just a movie where women make sex jokes, it's a celebration of female friendship, while still giving itself the room to introduce the uninitiated into the sensual act of "grapefruiting" (it's better not to look it up at work. Just sayin').

There's obviously a side to the film that focuses on hardships, each of the main characters are at pivotal points in their lives, but it's also a film about friends having fun. It'll make you want to call up your besties (if they aren't sitting next to you) and having one extra cocktail.

3. No seriously, learn Tiffany Haddish's name.

While the entire cast, including Mike Colter, Kate Walsh, Larenz Tate and Kofi Siriboe, are a dream ensemble it's clear Tiffany Haddish steals the show. She plays the Melissa McCarthy in 'Bridesmaids' or the Zach Galifianakis in 'The Hangover' comic relief. The stand-up comedian has been on TV and in movies before 'Girls Trip' but arguably her breakout role as Dina is something to behold.

Dina's that extra messy friend you love to love, the one who'll taste hand sanitiser because she heard it could give you a buzz (do not do this).

If you're still not sold, just watch this clip of her telling the actual best story about Jada Pinkett Smith and a groupon you'll ever hear.

4. Celebrate studios doing the right thing.

If anything, 'Girls Trip' is a great example of Aussie studios learning from their mistakes, seeing movies getting a great reception overseas and doing what they can to bring it onto screens for local audiences. It's not only great to see because of the speed in which they did it, but because in the last year we've seen movies like 'Get Out' and 'Wonder Woman' celebrate diversity in films, and be rewarded for it at the box office.

There are so many complaints nowadays that every movie being released is a remake or a franchise or a rebooted remake of a franchise, so here's your chance to check out a damn funny original comedy all of its own.

'Girls Trip' opens across Australia from the 31st.