31/08/2017 4:48 PM AEST | Updated 31/08/2017 4:50 PM AEST

Un-bee-lievable Stunt To Promote Indie Film Breaks World Record

"He's just a really zen guy."

For most indie films, it can be hard to generate considerable buzz in the build up to a cinematic debut -- but not for upcoming psychological thriller 'Blood Honey'.

To promote the new film, Juan Carlos Noguez Ortiz sat patiently in Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square covered with a beard of bees for an excruciating 61 minutes.

Not only did he stop passers-by in their tracks, but the stunt also smashed the previous Guinness World Record for bee bearding (which was a measly 53 minutes and 34 seconds).

We know you might be thinking 'so what does a guy wearing a beard of bees have to do with 'Blood Honey''? Well, without giving too much away, there's a scene in the film involving an unfortunate incident with a recreational beekeeper and his "alternative bee family" (think 'My Girl' but worse).


Don't panic though, only the friendliest bees from Dickey Bee Honey Farm's were used for the stunt... All 100,000 of them.

"We brought 100,000 bees with us, so there are more bees with us today than ever," master beekeeper Peter Dickey told CBC.

"But we brought the gentle ones so that is very important when we are doing bearing."

The film's director Jeff Kopas told HuffPost Australia that without the backing of a major studio it's "extremely difficult [and] virtually impossible" to successfully promote an indie film.

"It was really fun watching people, they couldn't stop staring at him," he said.

"He's just a really zen guy and just sat there and basically didn't move."