The Perfectly Petty Phrases People Use In Work Emails

Crafting a work email when you're annoyed at a coworker requires a certain amount of tact. Lisa from accounting may have missed a huge deadline, but you have to be diplomatic, not snippy, when reminding her that it's still due. (Come on, Lisa, get it together.)

The best work clap back ― or "friendly reminder" to get something done ― is subtle but gets to the point. Last week, freelance writer Danielle René tweeted her go-to response for when people at work need some gentle prodding to actually work:

She also shared her default method for seeking clarity on a project:

René's tweets kickstarted a hilarious convo on Twitter, with people weighing in with their favorite ways to throw shade on the down low at work.

Here's how to casually loop back on an email you sent four days ago:

Or let your coworkers know you've come prepared with receipts:

CC'ing the person's boss or manager, however, is next-level petty and essentially means war:

There's always the "maybe you can point me in the direction of someone who could help me" approach:

And finally, don't forget that email signoffs are great way to serve up that last bit of pettiness you've been bottling up inside:

My signature says Warmest Regards 🤣

— Ashanti (@clifftothemound) August 22, 2017

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