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Girl On Tinder Date Gets Stuck In Window Trying To Retrieve Her Own Poo

Online dating can be awkward. Then there's this.
She was just trying to make the situation better.
She was just trying to make the situation better.

When you agree to a Tinder date, you always hope for the best. Maybe it could turn into love, but at the very least it's sure to be a good time.

Well, when Liam Smyth took a girl he met on Tinder on a nice date to Nandos and then back to his place for a little wine and a viewing of a documentary on scientology, he got a little more than he expected.

After about an hour of the wining and scientology-ing, Smyth's date got up to use the toilet. During this toilet trip, the girl did a poo but was unable to flush the toilet.

In a panic, the girl reached into the toilet, scooped up her un-flushed poo, wrapped it in toilet paper and threw it out of the bathroom window.

Poor thing tried to destroy the evidence.
Poor thing tried to destroy the evidence.

Evidence destroyed right?


Back with Smyth, the girl was forced to explain the situation. You see, Smyth's bathroom window is one where the opening is at the top, and the main section of the window is in fact, double glazed. So when the girl threw the poo out of the window, it didn't quite make it all the way, and instead, got caught between the two windowpanes.

While Smyth suggested they smash open the first of the windows to retrieve the poo, his date had others ideas, and suggested she reach into the window with a glove. She climbed head first into the window, grabbed the poo and passed it out over the top of the panes and into the toilet, where it belongs.

She then called out to Smyth to help her pull herself from the upside-down poo-retrieving position, but it seemed she was well and truly stuck in the window.

After about 15 minutes, Smyth called the Fire Brigade to help with his date's predicament. After another 15 minutes, the fire fighters had set her free from the window, and maybe from the date, but certainly not from the embarrassment of the whole situation.

While his date was left with embarrassment, Smyth was left with a broken window and to replace it, he set up a GoFundMe page. Legitimate or not, the page has raised over 1,200 Pounds or around $AUD2000 in 10 hours.

No word yet if there will be a second date between Smyth and the girl, but with all the commotion, surely they didn't get to finish their wine or that scientology documentary.

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