05/09/2017 11:09 PM AEST | Updated 13/09/2017 11:51 PM AEST

NASA's Voyager Spacecraft Launched 40 Years Ago

On the 5 September 1977 NASA’sVoyager 1 spacecraft was launched into space. It was designed to to explore the major planets of our solar system in particular Jupiter and Saturn.

Now some 40 years later Voyager 1 and its sibling Voyager 2 are defying all NASA’s expectations because not only are they still functioning perfectly, but they’ve become the first man-made objects to leave our solar system.

Equipped with humanity’s first message to alien life they could also be the messengers that first introduce us to a species from another solar system.

To accomplish such a landmark both Voyager spacecraft have become a collection of mind-blowing statistics and world firsts.

To celebrate 40 years of NASA’s incredible spacecraft here are just a few mind-blowing facts that sum up the incredible journey that’s taken place so far.