06/09/2017 3:19 PM AEST | Updated 06/09/2017 3:19 PM AEST

Palmerston vs. Larry : Who Is The Better Mouser?

Another cat fight is underway.

Big news has rocked 10 Downing Street.

Larry the Cat is the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, and long believed to be the best mouse hunter the street has to offer. A recent Freedom of Information request however, has revealed that Larry's arch nemesis, Palmerston of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), could challenge his position.

The FOI revealed that Palmerston has caught at least 27 mice since his arrival to the Office in April 2016.

So what about Larry?

He's held his position since 2011 and the FCO believes he hasn't caught nearly as many as Palmerston, making him the lesser Mouser. This is surely embarrassing news for Larry, some saying he hasn't been himself of late.

It seems that Palmerston came from a dogs and cats home, and therefore, could have had some practice in the mice-catching game. The Telegraph also reported that Larry was spotted in March 2017 playing with a mouse, before letting it go free.

Could Larry's compassion be stopping him doing his job?

The feud between Larry and Palmerston is long-standing and deep-seated. They have had a few public disagreements, one of which was even broadcast on British television.

While Palmerston is getting all the praise, it seems Larry needs to step up and really commit to his duties. The fight for who is the top cat is well and truly on.