05/09/2017 7:39 PM AEST

Five-Year-Old Gives Prince Harry Hilarious Order Before Welcoming Him Into Her Home On 'DIY SOS'

A five-year-old girl showed one of the royals that manners were a priority when he turned up on her doorstep.

Prince Harry met Lily-Anne Flores and her brothers, Kobbi and Damaso, during a visit to the Walking With The Wounded hub in Manchester, which helps ex-service personnel to make the transition into civilian life.

Harry was welcomed into Lily-Anne’s home after it had been given a makeover during an episode of BBC One’s ‘DIY SOS’ focusing on the homes of ex-servicepeople.

“Wipe your feet,” the prince was told by five-year-old Lily-Anne before he stepped into the house.

Pool via Getty Images
Prince Harry meets 5 year old Lily Anne Flores and her brothers Kobbi and Damaso and her father Simon Flores .

Lily-Anne’s father, former soldier Simon Flores, said his daughter always asked visitors to wipe their feet.

“Shall I take my shoes off?” Harry reportedly asked before wiping his shoes on the mat at the door.

Pool via Getty Images

After the news of the Duchess’ pregnancy was announced, Prince Harry revealed how he was feeling about being an uncle again.

In a clip shared on Twitter, he said felt: “fantastic, great, very, very happy for them.”

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