05/09/2017 2:37 PM AEST | Updated 05/09/2017 2:39 PM AEST

Terri Irwin Burns Bob Katter's Very Clean Hat During Crocodile Stoush

His very, very clean hat.

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All hat, no cattle... er crocs?

It appears it's on between naturalist Terri Irwin and behatted MP Bob Katter.


The Australia Zoo owner dismissed claims by the firebrand Queensland MP about the impact of crocodiles in the far north of the state.

"Crocodiles are now killing north Queenslanders at almost one a year," he announced on Monday.

"Sightings at our tourism beaches and attacks on dogs are almost weekly.

"Premier Palaszczuk ain't gonna become no Cleopatra no matter how many sacrifices she makes to the crocodile river gods."

Irwin was having none of it, with the naturalist coming to defence of her beloved crocodiles by hitting Katter square in the head... er hat.

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Terri Irwin pictured at Australia Zoo for her daughter Bindi's 18th Birthday celebrations along, brother Robert and her boyfriend Chandler Powell on July 24, 2016 in Queensland, Australia.

"It's interesting hearing from Bob Katter and what he has to say," Irwin told Sky News on Monday night.

"I've been really blessed to spend a great deal of the past twenty years studying crocodiles and I have to tell you I've never run into Bob Katter in the outback, I've never run into him in Cape York."

But I have run into him in a couple of airport lounges and he has the cleanest hat I have ever seen for a bloke who claims to be from the bush.

Show hosts, fellow Queenslanders (and premiers) Peter Beattie and Campbell Newman had a solid laugh before Irwin pointed out there had been nine croc related deaths in the past 32 years.

"There's very little you can die of less in Queensland than crocodiles," she said.

"In fact, in the same time period, more than 77 people were killed by horses."

Katter has described Irwin's statistics about crocodile deaths as "hopelessly inaccurate".

"When a person goes missing, why does he go missing," he told Sky News.